Who Doesn’t Love a Good Fall Blog?

I don’t know about you guys, but I LOVE reading others’ blogs about the BEST season ever…FALL! I live for the fall. I wait all summer to put on my boots, go apple picking, and of course…drink the infamous Pumpkin Spice Latte. However, this year I take a little bit of a different approach on fall, as I look through the lenses of natural living. Over the past year, I have transformed my lifestyle to be as non-toxic as possible. This year, I’m doing my homework. Last year, I must’ve gone through the Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts drive throughs on the daily just to get my pumpkin fix. #addict Not this year. I am adamant about staying away from artificial flavorings, dyes, and too much added sugar. On the other hand, I absolutely stress balance and intuition, so if I’m strongly craving something I will not deprive myself. If there is a suitable replacement for something, as there is with pumpkin lattes, then that’s the route I go. Last week, I got an amazing latte from Zest Eats NJ, and there are lots of ways to DIY the beloved PSL-all you need is some coffee/espresso, almond milk, pumpkin puree, cinnamon/cardamom/nutmeg like spices, and honey or maple syrup to give it a little oomph!

Now what’s fall without coffee? The 2 ingredients I am loving right now in my daily java fix are almond milk (try the New Barn’s Barista Blend found at Whole Foods) and Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides! What THE HECK are collagen peptides?? Ummm, only like the best powdery white stuff ever! You can check the benefits out here, but I want to share what this amazing stuff does for me. Collagen Peptides are protein, and an incredibly easy source, as all you have to do is scoop and they dissolve. Completely tasteless, no odor, and the best part is that they give your coffee a little foam! I do not use this as a meal replacement, just another way to get more protein in at breakfast time. I have noticed considerable differences in my hair/nail strength, gut health, fitness performance, and more. The benefits are countless, and that’s why I never go a day without consuming them! After my fitness sessions, I drink their chocolate collagen whey, which is basically drinking a fudge brownie, because I have found that whey protein gives me the ultimate muscle fuel after my work-outs. When combined with collagen, I get the best of both worlds! The other great thing about Vital Proteins is that they are pasture raised, grass-fed, Whole 30 approved. They also sell travel packets which are amazing for travelers, and people who are constantly on the go. I am just starting to experiment with baking and Collagen Peptides, so stay tuned for some awesome fall themed baking recipes. Until then, these blogs will be fueled by collagen and caffeine!

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